Topic outline

  • About the Course:

    Word Press is an open Source Content Management System (CMS). This open software allows the users to construct a website and blog which is dynamic. The tools available in the software assist in updating, customizing and hassle free managing of the website.

    Course Prerequisites:

    Basics of computing and HTML


    Course Objectives:

    ·         To Install Word Press and customize WordPress Templates to cater to individual needs

    ·         To Build and  Update a blog or website using WordPress

    ·         To use Plug-ins and Widgets to configure the blog

    ·         To understand site administration and Manage Users.

    Course Outcomes:

    By the end of the Course, the learner would be able to :

    • Install and customize his/her website/ blog

    • Build an effective website or blog with available features

    • Use various plugins and manage the blog.

    • Manage the blog and users

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  • Designing Your Word Press Site and Assessment

    Resource Creation Assignment



    Explain how will design your blog or website using Word Press. How do you think it will affect your Teaching Learning Process or make changes to your Class room?


    1.      Identify the changes in your class room after incorporating Word Press in Teaching Learning

    2.      List your answers under three Heads -1. Actual usage 2. Reflections 3. Student Feedback

    3.      Submit your answers by 24th June 2018, 18.00 IST

    4.      After Submission , please review 2 of your peers submissions

    5.      Complete the Peer Review by 26th June 2018, 18.00 IST

    6.      Your submission will be evaluated on the following parameters






    Evidence /proof of design and usage of Word press in teaching.

    (Check for - proof  of design - usage of Word Press)

    There is no evidence on usage of Word Press by the teacher

    Minimum Evidence on Usage of Word press by the teacher

    The answer cites 3 or more than three  evidence for the usage of Word Press

    Reflection of Usage of Word Press

    Analyze the given answer – some reflection or instances for usage and learning

    There is no reflection in the usage in the answer given about the employment of Word press

    There is reflection but no clear answers for questions like  the impact and usage of discussions

    The answer indicates a Clear reflection about the customization and usage I the class

    Student Feedback

    ( Check for evidence of Student Feedback)

    There is no record of student Feedback

    Few examples of students feedback

    There are more than two instances of feedback recorded


    Example of a Submission

    (This is one of the sample submission made by one of the teachers)

    Word Press has made my teaching more effective. 


    Evidence of Usage:
    I use word press site__________________ Word press site address

    1. Source of the materials and link – PPT, video and other materials
    2. Links to various videos and media
    3. Plugins for easy navigation
    4. Discussion forum for  Interaction among students/peers  / faculty

    Reflection on Usage:

    The teaching learning process by employing Word Press helped me in

    -use of Wordpress for scheduling activities and sharing the content

    -More involvement of students in activities even out side classroom

    Student Feedback
    Students activiely participated in the interactions. The doubts of the students were addressed by the peer group.