Privacy Policy

E-learning (以下稱本平台) 為維聖資訊科技股份有限公司 (以下稱本公司) 所建置的數位學習平台。我們絕對尊重並保護您的個人隱私權,為了協助您更清楚地瞭解我們如何蒐集、使用、揭露、轉移及儲存您的資料,請詳細閱讀我們的隱私權政策。若有任何疑問或意見,歡迎您告知我們,協助我們改善產品、服務及內容。



  1. 當您註冊 E-learning 平台時,我們會詢問您姓名、電子郵件、國家、縣/市等資料。在您完成註冊帳號並登入我們的服務後,我們就能辨認您的身分,讓您使用更完整的服務,或參加相關活動。

  2. 我們所收集的個人資料,將用於通知您有關本平台的最新公告、課程相關訊息,以及即將發生的事件,也可用以協助改進我們的服務。

  3. 我們也可能使用個人資料為內部用途。例如:統計、資料分析、研究等,以改進本公司產品、服務及客戶溝通。


本平台自動接收並記錄您電腦和瀏覽器上的資料,包括 IP 位址、cookie 中的資料、軟體和硬體屬性以及您瀏覽網頁的紀錄。


我們會不定時修正與變更《隱私權政策》,不會在未經您明確同意的情況下,縮減本《隱私權政策》賦予您的權利。隱私權政策變更時一律會在本頁發佈;如果屬於重大變更,我們會提供更明顯的通知 (包括某些服務會以電子郵件通知隱私權政策的變更)。

E-learning ( this platform ) is a learning platform built by Click-AP Learning Technology Co., Ltd. (company). We respect and protect your personal privacy. To help you understand how we collect, use, reveal, transfer and save your information, please read our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know and help us improve our products, services and content.

This policy covers how we collect, protect or apply the personal data which we receive.

Collection and use of personal data

When you sign up for this platform, we will ask for your name, email, country, city, etc. Once you have registered your account and signed in to our services, we will be able to identify you and let you use a more complete service or participate in related activities.The personal data we collect will be used to inform you of the latest announcements about the platform, course information, and upcoming events, as well as to help us improve our services.We may also use personal data for internal purposes. For example: statistics, data analysis, research, etc., to improve our products, services and customer communication.

Collection and use of browsing materials

The platform receives and records data on your computer and browser automatically, including IP addresses, data in cookies, software and hardware properties, and records of your web pages.

Privacy Policy Amendment

We will revise and change the Privacy Policy from time to time and will not reduce the rights granted to you by this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. Changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on this page; if it is a material change, we will provide more obvious notices (including certain services that will notify you of changes to the Privacy Policy by email).

Last modified: Wednesday, 21 November 2018, 5:36 PM